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Experience a Natural Nutritional Advantage 

Earn more profit through nature.
Reduce your operating costs.
Enhance heard nutrition and wellness.
Replaces the need for antibiotics, hormones, or steriods.

100% Natural Nutritional Feed & Supplement Programs

At PHP Peak Performance, we have developed a complete natural nutritional program that greatly benefits both the farmer and animal.  By managing a strict specialty diet with our feed products, the body will absorb more nutrients and enhance its growthrate naturally without the use of hormones or steroids.  Animals on PHP Peak Performance are happier and healthier, with more productive immune systems and higher nutrient intake. 


February – July

2012 Missouri Beef Backgrounding Study at Joplin Regional Stockyards, investigating the impact of our feed supplement on producer backgrounding stock, feed efficiency, and endophite in growing young calves.


  • Wary of humans and spooked easily.

  • Hay bellies, accumulated fat, dropped topline, flanks and shoulders, loose stool and diarrhea common.

  • Calves retain long curly hair coat and the growth rate varies from calf to calf.

  • Keep to the shade and stand in groups in ponds in the heat of the day.


  • Remain calm and peaceful.  Energy is utilized for meat production.

  • Develop frim toplines, good, solid muscle development, slick coats, good hooves, and good health converting the fat to muscle.

  • Increased marbling and less accumulation of fatty deposits under the skin and around organs.

  • Grazing during the day and not crammed under shade trees, nor loitering in the ponds.

To optimize the health and development of livestock we focus on three core principals in our feed manufacturing and feeding programs.

1. Controlling the cleanliness and nutritional value of food sources.

2. Maximizing how much of those nutrients are being absorbed into the body.

3. Managing the process from start to finish monitoring toxins and bacteria.


Healthy growing depends on the foundation of quality food, but that food may unknowingly be migrating harmful mycotoxins up the food chain from plant, to animal, to human.

Premium healthy livestock starts with grazing on high quality pasture and managing mycotoxins in the feed sources to achieve the cleanest possible digestion and nutrient value for enhanced natural cell production and meat value to the  consumer. 


By managing and optimizing the digestive system naturally, animals can absorb many more nutrients per pound of food, and eat less overall further reducing costs.

By eliminating the clutter in the digestive system and allowing more nutrients to be absorbed, the body’s natural production systems are enhanced.  This leads to overall better health, less stress, and improved protein production.


Continual monitoring of pathogens, mycotoxins, and bacteria through the entire process from plant to animal to food product ensures that the absolute best quality meat is being grown from birth to processing.

Quality control at every step allows us to replicate this process and produce consistent results and meat with a higher nutritional value, and low in cholesterol and unsaturated fats.

Our products promote the restoration of natural function and efficiency of the digestive tract, assisting with digestive illness and supporting overall health.

After 30 years of research and development in animal digestive health, PHP has perfected the use of natural fiber byproducts in combination with other natural ingredients to enhance the ability of animals and humans to achieve their maximum production and health potential.  We have created a range of advanced products that essentially clean and protect the G.I. Tract, naturally without antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.

A clean and properly functioning digestive tract allows for maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals to benefit the body. This can result in increased energy levels, regulated digestion, lower saturated fats and cholesterol, improved physical appearance, and decreased frequency of illness and its associated costs.

Products designed and manufactured by PHP are palatable and improve overall digestive performance encouraging livestock to eat less while also promoting faster natural growth.

By managing the nutritional intake process...

We are able to consistently produce a high grade of meat.  Currently we are marketing our specialty beef through our premium brand Legacy Farms Reserve.  Legacy Farms Reserve is a division of PHP Peak Performance and is continually graded USDA Choice or higher.



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